Roberta's House

Roberta’s House is a non-profit community organization located in Baltimore City and is dedicated to healing the hearts and minds of children and their families who are grieving the death of a loved one. 

Grief, a very natural and normal emotion, is often overlooked or unaddressed with our youth and families in urban communities and manifests itself in behavioral problems, ill health and violence.

Roberta’s House offers free programs for children 5yrs-17 yrs, with their families that include interventions that encourage emotional expression; normalizing emotional reactions and educating about healthy coping skills.

Creative activities help families understand the necessary healing process; decreasing anxiety and fear to open pathways for hope. Trained volunteers facilitate the activities providing social support with family and friends in a supportive atmosphere in which the grief and bereavement reactions can be expressed.

Their purpose is to restore children and families to a place of wholeness as they experience grieving the loss of a loved one through the development of healthy coping skills that lead to positive life outcomes. For more information, visit the Website, www.robertashouse.org, or call 410-235-6633.

Roberta’s House is Calling for Volunteers! 

We are always looking for those people who wish to share their heart, spirit, and energy with the bereaved children and adults who seek our services. There are many ways to volunteer, including:

- Providing basic office support services
- Public relations and outreach opportunities
- Fundraising
- Graphic design for print and Web presentations

- Website content maintenance

We also have opportunities to volunteer as a facilitator for our peer support groups for children and adults. Being fully present, and listening with your heart, to someone who has lost a loved one is a wonderful gift to the community. Join our team of wonderful volunteer facilitators who give their time, energy and caring to help create a safe place where grieving children, teens, and families can come together.

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