What's Happening?

The March Family enjoys bringing the community together to celebrate and honor our heritage and experience. In fact, we’re aware that a strong community means commitment to service, to education, and to one another. Our events are designed to enrich individual lives, but also to enrich the connections we share.

We invite you to come in and see for yourself how we're revolutionizing the way you think about cemeteries and funeral service. We'll be pleased to welcome you into our inviting offices, and act as your escort as you tour the diverse landscape and memorial properties.

Annual Highlights

Memorial Day Celebration

Memorial Day is national holiday that encourages all to set time aside to honor their loved ones, who have passed on. Each year King Memorial Park celebrates Memorial Day with its families through a formal celebration of song and praise. Families reunite on these sacred grounds to fellowship and remember loved ones who have journeyed on before them.

We believe in providing families a rich tradition of remembering and celebrating life, and invite you to attend. It is free for all, and should you need more information, call us for additional details.

Holiday Events

Candle Light Service of Remembrance

Our annual Candle Light Service of Remembrance. Each year we take time to remember our loved ones that we cherished and love by lighting a candle in their memory. Although they are no longer here on earth, they are forever in our hearts. Come light a candle and celebrate the memories with worship, song, dance and a uniquely inspirational message.

Holiday Hope

The holidays often bring memories that fuel your grief. Holiday Hope is a seminar where you are introduced to coping strategies that will help you navigate the emotional challenges of the season. Naturally, it’s not only the information that can change the way you feel, it’s the friendships you develop with the others who attend. Holiday Hope can help you to change your life during every season of the year.

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